OpenMEAP Gathers Momentum with a Release Candidate

We are very excited to announce the release of the OpenMEAP release candidate. OpenMEAP, which has been downloaded thousands of times in over 83 countries, has come a long way. We greatly appreciate all of the feedback from our Beta customers and would like to thank all of you.

OpenMEAP 1.3 RC1 is available and can be downloaded from our website A step by step install guide can be found in the source package or by visiting our wiki. We also have step-by-step install instructions on You Tube.

New Product Editions Based on OpenMEAP:

OpenMEAP Community Edition — is a free-forever version of OpenMEAP and is intended for use in smaller-scale businesses and commercial applications.

OpenMEAP Enterprise Edition — is designed for large scale applications with very high requirements where uptime is business-critical. This edition requires a yearly support plan per instance.

OpenMEAP White Label Edition — is designed and branded for application service providers (ASP) with very high requirements where uptime is business-critical for their customers. This edition requires a yearly partner support plan.

About OpenMEAP

OpenMEAP provides open source mobile application software that removes the need for developing mobile apps natively across multiple platforms. Our software enables organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, deliver and manage mobile applications while using their existing web development and designer resources. Simply write the application in your web development environment using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, deploy it through the OpenMEAP admin interface and connect with your OpenMEAP mobile client application.

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